PointBank Statement of Condition

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PointBank Statement of Condition

June 30, 2013


Cash and Due From Banks
Demand Balances  20,518,585
Interest Bearing Balances 4,685,710
Held-To-Maturity Securities (HTM)                     -
Available-For-Sale (AFS)  147,642,233
Federal Funds Sold 12,530,000
Loans, Net of Reserve for Loan Losses and Unearned Discount 175,730,925
Bank Premises, Furniture and Equipment  2,405,690
Other Assets  11,973,752
Total Assets  375,486,895

Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity

Non Interest Bearing Deposits                  98,827,718
Interest Bearing Deposits              239,904,161
Total Deposits               338,731,879
Other Liabilities                    3,673,661
Total Liabilities               342,405,540

Stockholders' Equity

Common Stock                        356,250
Capital Surplus                  14,659,442
Retained Earnings                  18,852,863

Net Unrealized Gains (Losses)

on AFS Securities                  (1,835,870)
Total Stockholder's Equity                  33,081,355
Total Liabilities and Stockholder's Equity               375,486,895

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PointBank Branch Locations: Argyle Branch, Aubrey Branch, Denton North Branch, Denton South Branch, Corinth Branch, Lewisville Branch, Flower Mound Branch, Little Elm Branch, Pilot Point Branch