Kim Cloud Testimonial – Cloud 9 Salon and Spa/Cloud 9 Charities

Posted on August 7, 2018

I am Kim Cloud, owner and also stylist (I’m still behind the chair) of Cloud 9 Salon and Spa in Flower Mound, Texas.

I’ve got two completely different parts of the brain. You know, I’m behind the chair and–‘How can I make that person look and feel beautiful?’, and then I walk into my office and it’s like, ‘How can I make me look and feel beautiful on this piece of paper?’ [laughs]

The very first loan I got was to buy a little salon in Lewisville at Fox and 35. Nathan, who now helps me run this place, was in a carrier. And the lady who owned it sent me to her bank, and he turned me down. He said “Salons don’t make it.” And so I went away, but I couldn’t give it up–I was twenty and wanting to buy this salon. And so I went back to him and said ‘What if I get a cosigner?’ And so I went to her and said ‘I’ll give you $5,000,’ so she took $5,000 for this salon and my dad cosigned.

Cloud 9 is 26 years old.

You’re talking over 20 years of loyal people who have stayed with Cloud 9 and believe in Cloud 9 and believe in me.

With those girls who have been here forever, that’s why I do what I do.

My relationship with PointBank is only about 7 months old I think. They did my refinance of my building, and when I opened it I did an SBA loan and it was through another local bank that at the time was that ‘hometown bank’ but it got bought out, and it was never the same.

Just the closing at the bank was like a year-long process. I finally had to say ‘We’re either gonna do this or we’re not, and if we’re not let me know cuz I think there’s someone out there that would believe in me.’

With PointBank I just closed about five or six months ago and it took three weeks.

I was so impressed with the process; I wasn’t getting a phone call five times a day ‘Oh and by the way we need this…’ I was given my list in the beginning, I got all that together, and they stuck to that. It was the most painless business transaction I think I’ve ever done.

My relationship with PointBank and charity is something that I’m very proud of–ugh and I’ll get emotional but–

Because when I was a business person and wasn’t giving back to the community someone very important to me kinda took me under their wing and showed me…you’ve got to give back.

And so 16 years ago we started an organization called Cloud 9 Charities.

It started with a fashion show, and for years we had galas that had different themes.

I’ve known Ray for a long time, and he would come to the galas he loved–you know–all the dress-up for the galas; whatever theme it was he had it in his closet from what I’ve heard.

When we first started Bedtime Rescue, there was like 350 kids registered in LISD alone that were homeless. Our very first family was a mother living in a tent down by the lake with several children.

We temporarily house them, usually for a week or two, just to give them a minute to take a breath, get warm.

You know they say we’re all like three major decisions or circumstances away from being homeless.

But most of the time, they’re so close to having it worked out. They just need that little bit of time.

Cloud 9 Charities is proud to say that we keep all our money in Denton County. I wanna see the difference that it’s made.

Jonathan serves on our board, and helps us make those decisions about where that money goes.

I couldn’t have done the golf tournament without him; he helped me so much.

It makes a big difference in this community if you just sponsor an event, you enable us to put that event on. And that’s my relationship with PointBank in the beginning was sponsorships. We haven’t had an event in years that PointBank wasn’t a part of. A big part of.

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