Credit Score

Your Credit Score is here!

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You can now check your credit score when you log into the PointBank mobile app!

SavvyMoney is a free service to help you check your current credit score, access your full credit report, provide credit monitoring alerts, show you how to improve your credit score and ways to save money on new and existing loans.


  • Check Your Credit Score Anytime

Log into your mobile app to check your credit score for free and for an analysis to better understand your score and how to improve it.


  • See Your Full Credit Report

Get a full overview of your credit cards and loans, all in one place! With access to your entire credit report, you can monitor your credit usage and balances, see credit score changes, and keep an eye out for unusual activity.


  • Protect Yourself With Credit Monitoring

Get an email alert if SavvyMoney detects any big changes to your credit score, along with monthly reminders when your latest credit report is ready to view. Closely tracking your credit can help you catch fraudulent activity and protect yourself against identity theft.


  • Personalized Offers

Get access to personalized offers for PointBank credit cards and loans. Compare rates and monthly payments to help you find the right financing. You can also see if we can help you save money by refinancing or consolidating current debt you have.


  • Your Money Blog

Read daily posts with useful information on topics such as identity theft protection, healthy spending habits, and how to boost your credit score.


To activate and use this free service, click on ”View Credit Score” in the mobile app.