Alerts & Online Security

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Protection at Your Convenience

At PointBank, we want our customers to have access to their accounts anytime and from anywhere. Whether it’s checking your balances through our online banking system, your mobile device, or making a debit card purchase online or at a local merchant, we’ve got the products and services to cover your needs, including providing you with the security and safeguards necessary to help keep your accounts protected.

We encourage you to frequently and routinely monitor your account and transaction activity by setting up text or email alerts.

Just a couple of the benefits include:

  • Customizable alerts to help you confidently manage your accounts; and
  • Added peace of mind


Two-way Fraud Text Alerts

As fraud happens now more than ever, PointBank is pleased to announce we have implemented two-way fraud text alerts.  This is another protective layer of security for your debit card and it’s just another example of why we say, “It’s not banking.  It’s PointBanking!”

If an unusual transaction is detected on your PointBank debit card, we can help you prevent it. A two-way fraud text alert message will be sent to your mobile phone asking you to verify if the transaction is fraudulent. All we ask you to do is promptly text back “Y” or “N.”

“N” if the purchase is not fraudulent.

“Y” if it is. It’s that simple and quick.

If we don’t receive a response, we will call you directly. If we are unable to reach you, we will put a temporary hold on your card—just to be safe—until you contact us.

You don’t have to do anything special to receive this benefit.  All cardholders have already been included in two-way fraud text alerts. (PointBank does not charge for this service; however, standard text and data rates assessed by your mobile carrier may apply.)

Account Alerts

Set up custom alerts, to manage your transfer activity, to notify you when your balance drops below a certain threshold, or as a notification when changes to your address or contact information are made. We have plenty of options from which to choose.

To manage your account alerts, follow these steps in your Online Banking:

  1. Sign into your online banking
  2. Select “Self Service” in the menu bar and then select “Alerts”.
  3. Choose the alert(s) that matter most to you, set your preferences, select “Add”, and, finally, click “Add alert”.

It’s really that simple.

Debit Card Alerts & Controls (requires PointBank mobile app)

Debit Card Alerts allow you to customize the alerts in your mobile app for your selected debit card. You can activate or deactivate card alerts, set card alerts for specific types of merchants, transaction types, and select a threshold amount for your transactions.


  • Merchant Type

To receive an alert whenever the selected card is used with specific categories of merchants, such as restaurants and department stores. For example, you can disable the merchant type alerts for groceries and fuel for everyday purchases, but enable alerts for entertainment and travel.

  • Transaction Type

To control which types of transactions can trigger an alert. For example, if you do not often make online purchases, you can enable e-commerce to receive an alert when the selected card is used in an online transaction.

  • International Transactions

To be notified when the selected card is used in a transaction outside of the registered country.

  • Threshold Amount

To set a dollar amount that, if exceeded, will trigger an alert.


Debit Card Controls allow you to control selected cards from your mobile device. You can activate or deactivate cards, restrict merchant and transaction types, set a threshold amount, and allow cards to only be used in specific regions.


  • Location Controls

To assign each eligible card to a geographical area. When Point-Of-Sale (POS) transaction is initiated, we compare the merchant’s location with your defined regions. Your device does not have to be physically within a defined region for the transaction to be approved. If a transaction occurs outside of your regions(s), it will be declined.

  • Transaction Type

To control which types of transactions are permitted. For example, if you do not travel internationally often, you can disable international transactions until required.

  • Merchant Type

To restrict your card from being used with specific categories of merchants, such as restaurants and department stores.

  • Threshold Amount

To establish the maximum dollar amount for a POS transaction. If a transaction exceeds your defined amount, the transaction is declined.


How to set up region

Zoom in/out on the map area or enter search criteria. Although the visible area on your map is a square, the region is contained within a circle. The areas within the corners of your map are included as part of the region.

Credit Card Alerts

Allows you to monitor your credit card activity with PointBank’s email alerts.

You can receive Credit Card alerts for:

  • Balance Alerts
    • Balance drops below a certain amount
    • Balance exceeds a certain amount
    • Balance is within credit limit
    • Available credit drops below a certain amount
  • Credit Limit is reached or exceeded
  • Payment Reminders
  • Payment Returns
  • Payment declined
  • Transaction types
  • Location restrictions
  • Number of transactions exceed credit limit amount
  • Single transaction exceeds credit limit amount
  • Credit posting to account
  • Payment posting to account

Online Banking Security Reminders

  • Never provide your username or password to anyone.
  • PointBank will never initiate an email, call, other communication to ask for your name, password or other electronic bank credentials.
  • Review your account activity in a timely manner to detect and report problems to the bank promptly.
  • Notify PointBank IMMEDIATELY if you believe your information has been stolen/compromised.
  • For more information about Online Security visit

For more information about Online Security visit click here.